Learn about Maximum Surface Pressure in Well Control (MASP, MISICP and MAASP)

There are several terms/acronyms about maximum surface pressure in well control such as MASP, MISICP and MAASP. These terms sometimes confuses a lot of people hence this article will explain each term and demonstrate how to use it.


Leak Off Test (LOT)

The first factor you need to understand is Leak of test pressure (LOT). LOT is the surface pressure that breaks down formation at a casing shoe for each section of the well.

Leak off test pressure formula is listed below;

Leak off test pressure, psi = Surface pressure to break formation, psi + Hydrostatic pressure, psi

Typically, leak off test pressure is describe in equivalent mud density term therefore the formulas will be like this

Leak off test pressure, ppg = (Surface pressure to break formation, psi ÷ 0.052 ÷ shoe TVD, ft) + Mud weight, ppg Continue reading