Smith Services Dimensional Data Handbook

Smith Services Dimensional Data Handbook” is another excellent oilfield dimensional data book which I frequently use during engineering/field work.

There are several specification as listed below:

Drill pipe – API drill pipe, premium pipe, etc

Drill collar – Weight, grade, make up torque, etc

Heavy weight drill pipe – dimension, displacement, etc

Tubing /Casing– Atlas Bradford, Benoit Machine, Centroil international, Halliburton, Hunting Interlock, Hydril, Kawasaki Steel, Smith Fiber Grass, VAM, etc

Coiled Tubing – HS-70, HS-80, HS-90, QTI coiled tubing, QT series coiled tubing, etc

Fishing Tool – Hydra Jar, Drilling Jar/Accelerator, TM MAGNA Jar, ACCM Accelerator, TT Jar, Bowen, Several types of over shots, spear, pack off, etc.

Pipe recovery – free point indicators, buoyancy factor, pipe recovery formula, jet cutter, direct action chemical cutter with tubing, chemical cutter temperature and pressure rating

Milling tool – Packer milling tool specification and strength data, Flat bottom mill, tapered mill, etc

Technical information – general formulas, buoyancy factor, pipe recovery, annular velocity, string weight suspended in fluid, annular capacity, capacity of pipe, convert pressure drop to flow rate, pump output (both duplex and triplex), pressure loss for oil based mud/water based mud, etc

These contents are just only overview of all data in the book.

If you are interested in this book, you can download from the following link below

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