Water Well Drilling – Old School

I am not sure which country. This is how they actually drill a water well with very old school method.

Basically from what I’ve seen from the footage, it has the set up which is similar to a drilling rig. There is a circulating hose connected at the top. One man rotates the tubular and this represents a rotating system on the rig as a rotary table or top drive. Since there is no weight (I guess), one man stand on top of the tubular while being rotated in order to apply weight down hole in order to make a hole. The return is back from the annulus to surface and this is similar to mud circulating system.

30 old school water well drilling

This is very interesting to learn how people use their tool to drill a water well. I think they don’t know how to drill like us but they know how the basic system should be.

Any comments?