What is Flow Check?

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What is flow check?

How is it executed?

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This blog post will demonstrate you about flow check.

What is flow check?

Flow check is the period that you stop operations such as drilling, tripping pipe and circulating and monitor the well in order to see whether the well is static or not. The time for flow check should be enough to confirm the status of a well. It might be few minutes or it could be as long as 30 minutes depending on the well situation. Normally, many operators require 15 minutes flow check if the well is in normal condition.

How to execute the flow check?

1. Stop the current operation as stop drilling, circulating, tripping pipe, etc.

2. Space out pipe at rotary table. We need to do it because if the well is flowing while flow checking, we can immediately shut the well in.

3. Monitor a well either on a trip tank or without trip tank. I personally prefer to monitor the well on the trip tank because it can tell me that well is giving me fluid or l am losing fluid while monitor well.

4. Ensure the well condition.  If the well is in static condition that means no increase in volume in trip tank or flow at flow line, you can continue your current operation. If the well is flowing (you will see volume increase in the trip tank), you need to stop and attempt to figure out how to kill the well or do something else.

Reference book: Well Control Books

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8 Responses to What is Flow Check?

  1. man says:

    Hi RJ,

    Really appreciate your response.

    But i don’t quite understand your point no. 2 particularly “Space out pipe at rotary table”. What does it mean?


  2. Fuad says:

    Hi, in deed, very important and useful check to take place. there’s a lot of disputes between clients and drilling contractor on the qn-ty of flow checks. as many companies that many intervals when they perform flow checks. Question is, what is the best balanced interval to perform flow checks while drilling (onshore), tripping.

    • In my opinion, every connection you can see the well stop before breaking out – this is one flow check. Before coming out of the hole, flow check must be performed. The length of flow check depends on how the well react. We should see the well stop flowing for at least 15 minutes.

  3. Hieu says:

    To prevent the differential sticking, do not leave the string in stationary. So while flowcheck well, our string is in stationary. May be we get stuck pipe. how do you think ?

  4. Job-Liu says:

    we need make up the safety valve or nor during trip

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