Drilling Formula Calculation Sheet

This is drilling formula calculation sheet v1.5 updated in July-2013. I add many essential drilling formulas in to one Excel spread sheet and I would like to share with you for FREE.

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How to use the drilling formula file

When you open up the file, you will see the fist page call index page which shows you all of formulas like this.


You can click at each topic you like so as to see each formula. For example, let’s check one topic D-Exponent and D-Exponent Corrected.


You will see the screen like this. You add figures into the yellow cells and the blue cells are results. You are able to input the numbers into the yellow cells only.



You can go back to the index page by clicking cell named “Back to the first page”


If you are interested in background of the calculation, you can click the links shown at the right side.


I wish thedrilling formula calculation sheet would be advantageous for you. I will keep update as much as possible.

Please feel free to send or share with your friends. This is FREE Excel spread sheet so please do not sell it for any reason.

Ref book: Drilling Formula Book Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, Second Edition

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  1. Ruben Duarte says:

    Have you an excel for killsheet for vertical and horizontal??? Ohhh and thanks for all the info

  2. Norman Borg says:

    Thanks for the excellent help you are contributing to the oilfield

  3. i woul like to check out your spread sheet

  4. Roberto Sterling says:

    me ha ayudado mucho en mi trabajo gracias.

  5. Jorge Barros says:

    Dear Sir
    Many thanks for your contribution with these formulas my job became easier. I’m needing the Drilling Formulas Excel Sheet version 1.2, please send it to my E-mail.
    With regards.
    Jorge Barros.

  6. shaukat ali says:

    thanks for your contribution with these formulas my job became easier. I’m needing the Drilling Formulas Excel Sheet version 1.2, please send it to my E-mail.

  7. Milton says:

    es un trabajo excelente, gracias por todo
    Milton Rojas

  8. Daniel nunn says:

    My phone had to get factory reset is there a way I can unsubscribe then resubscribe cause it wont let me download it again

  9. charles dobbs says:

    thanks for keeping me updated, please send me the calc. down load im also having trouble with certin calculations can you help, hoe to cal. gpm with mud motor in the hole

  10. could you send out to me the drilling formulas Excel sheet version 1.2 please i need it to bacema my working easier

  11. Josh says:

    I really appreciate you r contribution to knowlegde Sir. Please my question is that in cleaning a highly deviated well (between 45 degrees aand 60 degrees) where we encounter severe avalanche. how do we effective clean the hole? I will appreciate if i can get the formula that supports your answer.
    Thank you Sir and God bless

    • The good drilling practices will help you. You should do the following actions to get the good hole cleaning in highly deviated wells.
      1 Mud properties mud be good for cutting carrying.
      2 Flow rate must be more than cutting slip velocity. Sweep should be pump periodically to clean the cutting sat at the low side.
      3 Circulate and reciprocate pipe as fast as possible without harming your wells.
      4 Ensure the shale shakers are clean to confirm the hole cleaning
      5 Pump out of hole at the highly deviated area and circulate bottom up above that point to clean the dragged cutting.

      RJ and Shyne

  12. samer al marhe says:

    اتمنا الحصول على فرصة عمل في شلمبرجيرانهيت الخدمة الازامية احمل شهادة معهد عالي في ميكانيك المحركات(مساعد مجازفي الهندسة الميكانيكية)خبرة جيدة في مجال الحفر

  13. Almaz says:

    This is formula sheet is really cool thing! you really contribute to drilling industry! and especially for beginners like me)
    One thing is… Can you please add to the next edition of formula sheet smth which can make input and output in metric units..?

  14. Dendougui Salim says:

    Thank you very much. It’s a very good help for a person who work in the drilling and workover rig.

  15. nestor says:

    saludos podrian incorporar la formula Cutting Carrying Index (CCI)

  16. yasser says:

    thank you very much. It’s a very good help for a person who work in the drilling

  17. Karan Yadav says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please send me free drilling formulas and other drilling related information, whatever can be sent.

    Karan Yadav

  18. yahya mohamed says:

    s’il vouz pait je vais le chema de ….b.o.p et le commit avec leure nom enoiye a moi

  19. Ricardo Aguirre says:


  20. bharada indrajaya says:

    Quick calculation, for people on the rigsite who use tab or ipad.

  21. Pepe Nelson says:

    Would you be kind enough to provide the password to unprotect this well designed and very useful spread sheet. BTW..Thank you for building this and sharing it.


  22. qiwanjun says:

    This is formula sheet is really very usefull to the people who work in the drilling, i am a driiling supervisor in china ,i have entered my email address to subscribe for several times ,but i aslo can’t got the sheet ,could you send it to my E-mail,best regards. thank you very much.

  23. Sefik says:

    Thanks a lot…

  24. Reben says:

    How I can calculate annuluar voleum and pressure

    Rebin shuany

  25. Mikhail says:

    Dear all,
    Thanks a lot for your calculation sheet, but do you have same sheet in Metric 1.

  26. ahmad says:

    hi I need information about drilling

  27. couid you please send drilling formular to me and other vital infomation mud caculation and fomular manual ‘thanks

  28. Don Crandall says:

    I can’t download version 1.4 from the link you emailed to me. I keep getting the message “The website is either unavailable or cannot be found”

  29. Don Crandall says:

    Got it. Thank you.

  30. fauzi zukara says:

    I need drilling formula for metric system

  31. ahmed says:

    Thanks a lot for your calculation sheet

  32. JOSE CRUZ says:

    fauzi zukara

    I have drilling formula for metric system, i need you email for send formulas in metric sistem

  33. padmakumar.p says:

    I am an oil feld worker

  34. padmakumar.p says:

    Thanks a lot for your calculation sheet.

  35. ALI says:





  36. Paul Garcia says:

    Thank you very much for all the help I get from this web site.

  37. Mobayenzad says:

    it may good situation to open a title for the Tubular threads, applications, advantages and also disadvantages of each.

    best regards

  38. S H BERAWALA says:


  39. Ron Knighten says:

    I am a subscriber but I can’t down load drilling formula spread sheet 1.5 how can I???

  40. edy seroni says:

    Thank alot for drilling formula

  41. Bjorn Rohde says:

    I am already a subscriber. Is it possible for me to download this spread sheet?


  42. gunvant nayi says:

    dear sir

    I requst pls you send drillingformulas calculation sheet my mail.

    ginvant nayi

  43. Brent marley says:

    How can I download this spreadsheet if I am already a subscriber?

  44. kris says:

    Hi there i am already subscribed but don’t have this worksheet, how do i download it ?

  45. Pablo Salvo says:

    Hi, I have just subscribed but I can’t get the spreadsheet. how do I proceed?
    thanks again

  46. Trias Sochiarto says:

    I had subscribed already but I can’t download or get the spreadsheet. please advise what should I do ?

  47. Jan Schaafsma says:

    Same here, subscribed but was not able to download spreadsheet. Please send it to my email address.
    Thanks in advance.

  48. Evaristo Correa says:

    Please email me the most up to date Drilling Formula Calculation spreadsheet, I am a subscriber already.

    Thank you

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