4 signs that you are not doing very well for your oilfield interview – And how you can fix it

You shake interviewer’s hand and head back home quite happily thinking that you have nailed the interview and you think you should be offered a job in oil and gas industry. One week later…. And still you haven’t received the call.

What did you do wrong?

The interview was quite smooth, wasn’t it?


A survey was conducted by Career Builder in December 2014. It involved 2,100 HR and hiring managers. According to this survey about 50% of the hiring managers said that they knew enough about the candidate within the first 5 minutes of the interview to make the hiring decision. And within 15 minutes of the interview about 90% of the interviewers make their decision. So the smooth interview you had could mean that hiring manger from very beginning had decided that you were not a good fit. Continue reading