Benefits of Casing while Drilling

Casing while drilling provides immediate benefits, saving both time and money by altering the steps needed for the drilling process. On top of this, the CwD system also provides a whole host of additional benefits. The benefits of casing while drilling can be summarized below;


Save Time and Cost

As mentioned in the introduction part, Basic Knowledge of Casing while Drilling (CwD), CwD is able to save operation time by cutting down flat time and reducing operational risk. When compared to conventional drilling, CwD can provide a time saving of between up to 37.5% of time spent on a well based on historical data from a field in Oman (136107-PA SPE Journal Paper – 2012). Continue reading

Manifa Oilfield – Heavy Crude Field, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has the second largest oil reserves in the world, so it is quite logical that there are several successful oil companies in this country. One of them is Saudi Aramco or simply Aramco. With a revenue of around $380 billion and value between $2 trillion and $10 trillion, Saudi Aramco is the most valuable company in the world.

One of the reasons why this company is always on top is their investment in research and development of new oilfields. Manifa oilfield is one of these new oilfields that have proven to be a great investment.

Basic information

Manifa oilfield is located on a manmade island. Thanks to modern technology, engineers and architects can create artificial islands and make the production of oil much easier and simpler. Of course, in order for such manmade island to promise a good return on investment, it must be situated in shallow waters. Otherwise, it will need a lot of material to build it. At the same time, these manmade islands guarantee the improvement of long-term reservoir recovery. In addition, oilfields built on manmade islands allow the creation of more wells, don’t have negative environmental effects and it is much safer for the workers to work on an oilfield like this.

Manifa Field (Top View)

Manifa Field (Top View)

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Why Shale Gas is The Future for Energy Source?

We are always looking for more sources of natural gas and the best way to find natural gas currently is b looking in shale deposits. We are doing this with a process called hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” as it is more commonly known as. There’s great controversy in this practice as well as great potential to reach larger deposits of natural gas which can then be used as fuel.

 Going Forward with Shale Gas

shale gas engery future

Currently shale gas is a popular way to get natural gas out of the ground but this may be stalled as more environmental groups oppose the fracking methods as they feel it harms the environment in the process. The biggest threat to the production of of shale gas environmental concerns which are only going to continue as more people oppose this method of natural gas production in many areas of the world.

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5 Factors that Affect Crude Oil Prices

Crude oil prices are impacted by supply and demand in the marketplace. There are many things that cause supply and demand to go up or down. Here are the main factors that impact crude oil prices.


Basic Demand

Oil will go up in price if there’s some factor that impacts the price. This could be global instability, a disruption in supply due to disasters, and so on. If there’s less of a demand for crude oil due to oversupply in the marketplace, the demand for crude oil will go down.

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