Basic Understanding of Sub Sea BOP VDO Training

Sub Sea BOP is one of the most critical well control equipment in deep water drilling and it is a good topic for everybody working on the rig to learn.


Today, we would like to share a valuable VDO training regarding the basic of sub sea BOP. Additionally, we provides learner full VDO transcript to accelerate your learning curve.

Basic Understanding of Sub Sea BOP VDO Transcript

Subsea BOP equipment is similar to a surface stack. There are however some very important differences. This section discusses these differences.

Subsea stacks attached to the well head on the seafloor meanwhile the rig floats on the water hundreds of thousands of feet or meters above. Major parts include;

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How Does Deep Water Drilling Work

Nowadays deep water drilling is one of vital players for oil and gas exploration and production industry and there are many people who would like to know how deep water drilling works. We’ve found one excellent VDO demonstrates the deep water drilling process in a simple way. This VDO will give you clearer picture about the topic and we also add full VDO transcript in order to help more people understand the content clearly. We wish you would enjoy learning from this VDO and please feel free to give us feedback : )

Full VDO Transcript – How Does Deep Water Drilling Work


Credit: Image from Wikipeida

How does the deep sea drilling vessel Chikyu drill into the sea floor? When the vessel arrives at the drilling site it receives a satellite signal that helps the vessel moves into the exact position required. The vessel has six propellers that rotate a full 360 degrees and keep the vessel in one position preventing it from drifting due to the wind, waves or sea current.

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Basic Blow Out Preventer – VDO Training

Blow Out Preventer is one of the most critical equipment on the rig therefore it is very important that you need to understand it. This VDO demonstrates the basic of BOP with a lot of colorful pictures which will help you learn about it. We also add full VDO transcript in order to help people fully understand this topic. We wish you would love this.

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The blowout preventer, BOP stack, consists of several large valves stacked on top of each other. These large valves are called blowout preventers. Manufacturers rate BOP stacks to work against pressures as low as 2m000 pounds per square inch or psi and as high as 15,000 psi. That is about 14,000 kPa to over 100,000 kPa.

Rigs usually have two kinds of preventers, on top is an annular preventer it is called an annular preventer because it surrounds the top of the well bore in the shape of a ring or an annulus. Below the annular preventer are ram preventers. The shutoff valves in RAM preventers close my forcing or ramming themselves together.

The choke line is a line through which well fluids flow through the choke manifold when the preventers are closed. Even though the preventers shut in the well the core members must have a way to remove or circulate the kick in the mud out of the well. When the BOP shut in the well, mud and formation fluids exit through the choke line to the choke manifold. The manifold is made up of special piping and valves. The most important valve is the choke.

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