Very Interesting Technology – Versabar Claw Lift VB 10000 (Heavy Lift Catamaran)

We read about very interesting heavy lift catamaran named VB 10000. The VB 10,000 consists of two 240′ tall lift gantries joined to twin 300′ by 72′ barges to form a catamaran. The gantries are connected to the barges by patented articulated pins which decouple barge motion from the gantries. The vessel is equipped with a Class 3 DP system consisting of four 1,000 HP thrusters in each barge which enable it to maneuver on site and hold station in any water depth over 35 feet. The VB 10,000’s four 2,000-ton heavy lift blocks are paired with custom-engineered 400-ton hydraulic winches which may be operated independently or in a synchronized manner.

versabar vb10000 lift

You can watch videos below to see how it works.


VB 10,000 Jacket & Deck Installation

VB 10,000: Decommissioning

VB 10,000 Retrieves Gulf of Mexico Platform

Claw Retrieves Living Quarters


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