Important Rules to Follow if You Want an Employment in the Oil & Gas Industry Even In Downturn Environment

Do you dream of an employment in the oil and gas sector but you are clueless as to how to accomplish it?

You need not stress anymore. This article is just what you need to guide you to attaining that goal.

Making the decision of working in the oil and gas industry is a great one, the industry is very lucrative. However, you may face the challenge of being inexperienced and being clueless about how and where to begin from. Actually, the fact that you don’t have any initial experience is not the issue, you still have the opportunity of breaking into the industry if you plan well. A good plan, good networking and initiative will help you achieve the goal easily.


The truth is that you will work hard for it, however, if you are tenacious, it will be achieved.

This industry is very challenging though, it is also very rewarding financially and has prospect for young people especially. If you really desire to have an employment in the industry, digest the guide and you are just a hair away from getting that job of your dreams:

  1. Learn vastly about the role

Even before the urgent need arises, make deep research and findings. You must be able to show your prospective employer that your are relevant to the position which is vacant and that you have perfect understanding of what the job entails. Find out about other job descriptions related to this role and the activities and the duties involved.

Also, learn about the current and past trend of the sector, the company you are applying to, its competitors and even the name of the person who will be receiving your application and resume as this will make you appear serious and will make your application stand out.

  1. Your key skills should be highlighted

Have a full comprehension of the skills specifically required by the company and the ones which will be needed for the particular role you wish to apply for. Try to create a link between these skills and your own skills, experience and education. Make sure your key skills are highlighted and strategically placed at the beginning of your resume and not the end as this will be one of the first things your recruiter will look out for. This will make it easy for the recruiter to to feel you are perfect for the job as you have researched well. This would also make the company known that transferable skills can be benefited.

  1. Gather the experience you don’t have

Most people are always held back by the lack of experience barrier. Every company wants someone who is well acquainted with the job roles through a prior experience to be sure you will not have teething problems in fitting in to fill the lacuna hitherto present. Instead of always facing this setback, why not invest into gaining experience. If you are not financially capable of enrolling for the necessary courses, you can do volunteer/non-paid works, or take up roles with transferable skills and which many people don’t pay attention to, that are very closely related to the one in question. You can also try getting into the industry by coming through the entry level which you may desire less, but it will get you to the position of your dream. Never despise little beginnings. With this, you will have the opportunity of meeting people, make new and beneficial friends and learn a lot, you are now in-house, it is now easier, just a step more.

  1. Follow up on your application

It is very crucial to do a close follow-up of your ‘outstanding’ resume within a couple of days after applying. This a chance to make a very good first impression. There are many CVs to be attended to, in fact, a pile of them lay on the recruiter’s and he confused as to how to deal with all. Making your noticeable all the way helps him to reach a decision. He notices your enthusiasm and just thinks you are perfect after seeing your outstanding resume.

Also, this will make the recruiter search for your own resume and go through it. Following up via email or call also helps you to build a Persian relationship and make the recruiter realise you are most suitable for the job.

  1. Networking is very Crucial

Knowing someone on the inside to champion your cause and accentuate your suitability may just be what you need sometimes to get that job. When you know someone who is already in that company, it greatly increases your chances of being chosen for the job as the recruiting officer, hiring manager, or Human Resource personnel is more convinced that you are good to go. This called networking and it is about building personal relationships and building positive value which is usually reciprocated. It is actually not about begging for little favours from people. Get into the circle by looking for organisations or groups that are related and relevant to the sector. Find an oil field related organisation in your locality, or a club or an allied association. For example, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), which holds various events to foster their cause, build relationships among them and interact with new members. Attend seminars, conferences, lunch meetings and training courses as these will give you the plenty chances to meet people who can become friends and associates and may help you in the future.

  1. Learn the process of interview

An interview with the recruiter is good opportunity for you to sell yourself and convince the company about your worth and why your are the best for the job.

Preparing for an interview

-Know yourself

Being able to talk about your strenght, skills, career goals and accomplishments is very important. Give specific examples of your skills, experience and background to convince the c!company that it matches it own needs.

-Make research about the employer

After going through the company’s website, you can also search for useful information in recent news and articles relating to the company from the Career Exploration Websites which recommend such as Business Source Complete, Glassdoor and Hoover’s online. Thses are available to everyone through the online databases of the ZSR Library. Having a deep knowledge of the employer will stand you out among all applicants during the interview.

Learn about the personal information of the employer, such as age, size, products and/or services, the structure of the organization, division and subdivisions, branches and subsidiaries, affiliates, competitors, workforce, new products and services, successes and accomplishments, these will give you a clear edge if you can research about them.

-Practice your interview skills

Practice by engaging in a mock at the Office of Personal and Career Development and also use Interview Stream to do practices before the actual  interview.

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