Well Control Acronyms

I would like to share some well control acronyms so you will be more understanding about content in well control.

ACF = Annular Capacity Factor

BHP = Bottom Hole Pressure

BOPE = Blow Out Preventer Equipment

BPUTS = Bring Pumps Up To Speed

CLF = Choke Line Friction

CMW / OMW = Current Mud Weight / Original Mud Weight

CP = Casing Pressure

DPP = Drill Pipe Pressure

ECD = Equivilant Circulating Density

EOB = End of Build

FCP = Final Circulating Pressure

FD / MW = Fluid Density / Mud Weight

FIT = Formation Integrity Test

FOSV = Full Opening Safety Valve

FP / PP = Formation Pressure / Pore Pressure

FrP = Friction Pressure

HCR = Hight Closing Ratio

HP = Hydrostatic Pressure

IBOP = Inside Blow Out Preventer

ICP = Initial Circulating Pressure

ISICP = Initial Shut-in Casing Pressure

KLF = Kill Line Friction

KOP = Kick Off Point

KWM / KMW = Kill Weight Mud / Kill Mud Weight

LOT = Leak Off Test

MAASP = Maximum Allowable Annular Surface Pressure

MASP = Maximum Anticipated Surface Pressure

MD = Measured Depth

MGS = Mud Gas Separator

MI = Mud Increment

MISICP = Maximum Initial Shut-in Casing Pressure

OBM = Oil Based Mud

PG = Pressure Gradient

PI = Pressure Increment

PPG = Pounds Per Gallon

SCR / SPR = Slow Circulating Rate / Slow Pump Rate

SG = Specific Gravity

SICP = Shut-in Casing Pressure

SIDPP = Shut-in Drill Pipe Pressure

SOBM = Synthetic Oil Based Mud

SP = Surface Pressure

SPM Valve = Side Pocket Mandrel

TOC = Top Of Cement

TOL = Top Of Liner

TVD = True Vertical Depth

Reference book: Well Control Books

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