5 Useful Oilfield Resume Templates

Your oilfield resume is one of the most important parts to get interviewed for oil and gas jobs. With current oil price, it is even harder to get hired into this industry and a lot of people are looking for new positions because of this slow down trend. However, there are still plenty of positions in oilfield but you need be outstanding from groups of people.

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Not only do you have professional look resume, you must also properly format your CV to catch your potential employee eyes. You may ask how to get the right layout for your oilfield CV. Our simple answer is to use resume templates.

We would like to share 5 professional oilfield resume templates which you can freely modify to match with your experience. These CV templates are simple styles which look very professional for job application.

How Can I Do That?

You need to write a professional resume definitely and you can find how to write excellent oilfield resume from here –

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10 Tips to Make a Career in an Oilfield For New Personnel

Oil rig is basically a man made platform that is used for off-shore or land drilling. As an oil rig worker, one can work on both platforms, and is responsible for several tasks that are related to safely oil drilling. Usually the workers work for 14- 21 days at a stretch, prior to getting a shore relief. Apart from regular wages, the workers get all sort of facilities ranging from food, boarding and travel expenses. However, to get a job in oil rig as a rookie is quite difficult, because most of the oil rig managers seek for experience. Below we have mentioned some pointers that may come handy while trying to seek for a job in oil rig industry.

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Oilfield Salary Survey and Comparison Study Based on Q3 2014

We’ve collected salary information from the most trusted oilfield website, rigzone.com, about salary and compensation for Q3 2014. At this time, we have the comparison between Q1 salary and Q3 salary.


Oilfield Salary Based On Geographical Locations Based on Q3 2014 Data

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How To Get into Oil and Gas Industry

The standpoint for employment in the industry of oil and gas today has been consistently vehement.  Most people are expecting a “crew shift” transformation because today a lot of existing employees are quitting or retiring due to which there is substantial demand and fresh employment opportunities. The petroleum industry is one of the most wanted industries for employees because of challenge and payment. There has been increasing need for people who are skilled and credible, ranging through different genres from roustabouts, drilling supervisors, geologists, & engineers, health and environmental consultants, etc.  A couple of strong years of experience and consistency in the oil and gas industry could lead to brilliant opportunities and a bright future ahead. However, the question that arises is- “How should one go about it?


Usually people can start their journey in this industry through technical or entry-level positions, which might need certain qualifications, but it is not mandatory.  It could be helpful to have some kind of knowledge or experience in mechanical or electrical knowledge because these skills can land you a job in oil & gas industry easier. Your resume will get better with safety-related or technical certifications. Apart from these, leadership & communication skills, working under pressure, being a perfectionist, team work and co-ordination are also required.

Offshore or Onshore?

Positions for both offshore & onshore are available; however, offshore jobs have better pay since individuals with more experience are chosen for the offshore jobs. In fact, offshore operations are quite expensive hence safe & efficient operations are crucial. There are some who think of offshore jobs as more dangerous, and require workers to stay away from home for longer time. There’s no doubt that such kind of jobs involve more long hours of duty and more difficult task, but when it comes to pay, it’s worth it. Continue reading

Can Women Work in the Oilfield (Oil and Gas Industry)?

Women nowadays are dominating the world of men especially when it comes to jobs. They work side by side with males in a man’s industry, which is considered as a great achievement. Back in the days, women should stay at home, serve her husband, cook for the family, care for the children and do the household chores. This happened for many decades until some brave ladies stood up and fought for women’s rights. They showed that women can do almost anything and they can perform the work of a man. In fact, there are women who work in the oilfield, which is a tough job. People, mostly men and unbelievably some women, don’t want to accept that Eve’s daughters can work hard and do laborious jobs too.


Good thing these days men have embraced this fact and offer wider opportunities to the ladies. There are several male jobs that are now handled by women. These jobs include being a CEO, lawyer, doctor, rescuer, military work, police, a taxi driver, a construction worker, an electrician, a race car driver, engineer, oilfield worker and the list goes on. Some of these jobs were once performed by men and are not allowed for women.

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