Directional Drilling Disaster ?

Have you ever seen this VDO?

In the VDO, it stated that this was a false calculation which was result this directional drilling disaster. However, when we see this footage, we don’t really believe that this situation was happened for oil and gas drilling. 

directional disaster myth

Why Do We Think Like This?

Firstly, from the technical perspective, it is very difficult to drill almost 180 degree from a vertical line (0 degree inclination). There are no oil and gas directional drilling tools as far as we know which can do this task. Secondly, it is very hard to believe that the directional drilling team do the wrong calculation because inclination changes are so obvious.

What Is This?

You may ask us what this vdo is if it is not oil and gas drilling. We try to find information from the internet and we’ve found that “Horizontal Directional Drilling” is the drilling technique of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area.

What Do You Think About This?

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7 Responses to Directional Drilling Disaster ?

  1. Kevin Chesal says:

    Must have been along time ago and total idiots to punch out with the pump wide open. Today the environmentalist would have been demanding heads for anyone being that stupid.

  2. Dan says:

    It’s for under bore drilling. They are used in creek and road crossings when running new pipelines. It’s a low impact and feasible solution When compared to digging up a road or doing above ground risers/lines, which would require cement pilings, the same as bridge would.

  3. David Pyle says:

    I watched a hole drilled under the Amazon River one time. And I was still amazed at how they were able to put the bit between four T-Post and flagging. They started out with a 7 7/8″ bit then reamed the hole out with hole openers to pull 16″ pipe back threw.

  4. Redouane says:

    I think it was just an air lift to clean up the hole for underground pipes, we can see light mud made with bentonite

  5. This kind of hole is drilled by a rig known as “Crossriver. It is used to drill the hole with a pilot bit from 7 7/8″ to 12 1/4” attached a hole opener which diameter depend on the pipe line diameter. First the hole is drilled and pull back the pipe line when POOH.
    Realy is very hard to bilieve that the directional drilling team do wrong calculations.
    Secondly is possible a intrusion of a hardest rock into the way of the bit.

  6. vj vekariya says:

    This is nothing but the negligency in calculation for inclination n degree set up. Driller also shown negligency who is key personal for drilling.

  7. valex470 says:

    This is SAGD bitumen (asphalt)-oil wells in Russia (Tatarstan)
    And it is not a disaster

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