Determine Quantity of Material Used in Mixing a Simple Drilling Mud

This is a simple example to demonstrate how to determine quantity of material required in a simple mixing system. Let’s learn from the example below.

The objective is to build mud which has a weight of 11.0 ppg with 1,000 bbl.

The mud recipe is shown below;

  • 30 ppb bentonite
  • 5 ppb CMC polymer
  • 5 ppb caustic soda (NaOH)
  • 25 ppb Na2CO3
  • Weighting Material is barite.

The following are important data of water and chemical used for this calculation.

Base fluid = fresh water

Specific gravity of water = 1

Specific gravity of barite = 4.2

Specific gravity of bentonite = 2.4

Specific gravity of CMC polymer = 2.4

Fresh water weight = 8.34 ppg

NaOH and Na3CO3 have negligible volume because it is dissolvable.

What is quantity of material required to meet the mud specification?

What is the final volume? Continue reading