Oil & Gas Well Casing – VDO Training

There are several articles discussing about casing design and we would like to share you this excellent VDO training in this topic “Oil & Gas Well Casing”. This VDO contains the basic over view of casing starting from surface to production section.  You will see nice illustrations which help you get clearer picture on this topic and we also add full VDO transcripts to provide assistance to some learners who cannot catch the content in this VDO clearly.

Oil & Gas Well Casing – VDO Transcript


By the time the crew drills the well to depth, it usually has several strings of casing in it. These strings are called conductor casing, surface casing, intermediate casing and production casing.

Notice that cased well looks something like a telescope pulled out of full-length but it is as the crew drills the well deeper, the size of the whole and the size of the casing gets smaller in diameter. Almost always, the drilling contractor cannot begin drilling at the surface and go all the way to total depth in one step.

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Basic Understanding of Oil Well Casing and Tubing

Oil well construction requires several casing string to reach a planned depth of a well therefore we will discuss about the basic of each casing string used in the oil wells.


In this article, we will cover the following strings;

  • Conductor Casing
  • Surface Casing (Structural Casing)
  • Intermediate Casing
  • Casing Liner
  • Production Casing
  • Production Tubing

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