What is Top Drive System?

A top drive is a big motor system which is hoisted in a derrick or mast of a drilling rig. A top drive is a modern rotating system which has been popular for many drilling contractors and oil operators. Top drives can be used on all types of rigs, from truck-mounted rigs to offshore rigs.


Rotation provided to a drill stem is accomplished by a top drive. Therefore, a Kelly and a Kelly bushing are not required for a top drive system. Moreover, a master bushing and a rotary table serves as support for slip and weight of a drill stem and as a conduit for a drill stem to be raised or lowed into a wellbore. Continue reading

Top Drive Collision Drill Pipe and Pipe Handling System– It just happens in few seconds.


Top Drive colliding the rig is one of the major incidents which sometimes are happened in oil and gas industry.



This VDO below shows how this accident was occurred on the rig. This is just only 51-seconds in length but it will raise your awareness about rig safe work practices. Continue reading

Basic Knowledge of Kelly and Top Drive VDO Training

Kelly or Top Drive is the drilling equipment which transfer both rotational and compression force to the bit in order to make a hole. This vdo training demonstrates the basic understanding for kelly and top drive. Additionally, we add full transcript of this vdo in order to help people learn about this topic effectively. We wish you would enjoy watching and learning from this vdo.

Full Transcript of this multimedia training. 


Many pieces of equipment make up our Rotary drilling rig. Part of it’s on the surface and part of its underground or subsurface. All the equipment has one main purpose, to put a bit at the bottom of the hole where it can drill or make holes.

To put the big on the bottom, rig crewmembers screw it into a special pipe. The pipe is called the Drill String. Crewmembers lower the drill string and attached bit into the hole. For the bit to drill, surface rig equipment has to rotate it unless it’s rotated by a mud motor. Equipment also has to put weight on it to force the bit’s teeth cutters into the formation. As the bit rotates, a circulating fluid has to take the drill cuttings away from the bit. Otherwise the hole would clog up. This fluid which circulates is called drilling mud.

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