Drilling Formulas Application Needs Your Feedback

In order to improve this application and fix some errors that we may not see, we need your help to send us your feedback about “Drilling Formulas Application”. You can give us any comments about this app (good, bad, need improvement) and we will try the best to do it even though app programming is not our expertise.


Please feel free to send email to drillingformulas@gmail.com, leave comment on Facebook, Google+, or put some comments on this post.

Your help will be very useful for us.

In the future, we have plan to add several related drilling formulas in several topics as bit calculations, well control, snubbing, bullheading, etc. Please download this app into your Android mobile device so you will get an update automatically once we update this app.

Note: we don’t have the IOS version yet.


Halliburton Red eBook App – It is a Useful App for Oilfield Personnel

The Halliburton Redbook (Figure 1) is a very useful for oilfield people because it contains a lot of useful information as tubular/drill pipe data, cementing information, some oilfield calculation, etc.

Halliburton Red Book

Figure 1 – Halliburton Red Book

Nowadays, you can have another option to have this book by installing the Halliburton eRedBook® Mobile (Figure 2) in your smart phone or tablet.  It will make your life a lot easier.

 Halliburton eRedBook

Figure 2 – Halliburton eRedBook® Mobile


What can Halliburton eRedBook® Mobile help you?

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Buoyancy Factor Table Free Download

Buoyancy factor is the factor that is used to compensate loss of weight due to immersion in drilling fluid and you can find the calculation from here https://www.drillingformulas.com/buoyancy-factor-calculation/.


We have created a simple table to help people determine the buoyancy factor quickly. Let’s take a look at the table. In Figure 1, it shows the main page and you can select the mud weight range from 4.0 ppg to 19.0 ppg.

 Figure 1- Main Page BF Table

Figure 1– Main Page BF Table

For instant, we choose 8.0 ppg and the table will show buoyancy from 8.0 – 8.9 ppg (Figure 2)

Figure 2 - Buoyancy Factor for 8 ppg Range

Figure 2 – Buoyancy Factor for 8 ppg Range

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How to Select a Scientific Calculator for Oilfield Personnel

Working in the oilfield, you need a scientific calculator to help you solve problems with complex formulas. As you learn from this website, drillingformulas.com, you really need a scientific calculator to help you.


There are different brand companies that design scientific calculators. However, the difference in brand names might not alter the similarity in functions and programming. When you are choosing a small scientific calculator, there are a number of factors that you should consider. These factors include; functionality and efficiency, portability and durability.

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