How To Determine Seriousness of Drops Incident By Using the Drops Calculator

Drop incident is one of the worst incidents in oil and gas industry and DROPS is a company which comes up with the Drops Calculator.

For example, you want to know what the potential hazard classification should be if 3 lb of object drops from 15 ft height. This is the Excel based program that gives you a benchmark about the classification of the potential consequences of a dropped object.

Drops Calculator FB

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Oil Rig Tile Puzzle Jigsaw Android App Game

Oil Rig Tile Puzzle is a puzzle Android app which has various images of oil drilling rig both onshore and offshore. You can enjoy playing this app and be able to see spectacular photos of oil rig. This application is fit for all player age and it is very good for oilfield people and their families.



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Halliburton Red eBook App – It is a Useful App for Oilfield Personnel

The Halliburton Redbook (Figure 1) is a very useful for oilfield people because it contains a lot of useful information as tubular/drill pipe data, cementing information, some oilfield calculation, etc.

Halliburton Red Book

Figure 1 – Halliburton Red Book

Nowadays, you can have another option to have this book by installing the Halliburton eRedBook® Mobile (Figure 2) in your smart phone or tablet.  It will make your life a lot easier.

 Halliburton eRedBook

Figure 2 – Halliburton eRedBook® Mobile


What can Halliburton eRedBook® Mobile help you?

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