Oilfield Salary Survey as of Q1 2014

We’ve collected data from internet and summarized into simply formats for you to see oilfield salary in 2014. You will get an idea how much personnel working in the upstream industry make. All information used in this article is as of Q1 2014.

Oilfield Salary Based On Geolographica Locations

Africa Average Income = 105,568 USD/year
Australia & Oceania Average Income = 104,787 USD/year
Central Asia Average Income = 79,188 USD/year
Europe Average Income = 116,899 USD/year
Far East Average Income = 100,337 USD/year
Middle East Average Income = 79,813 USD/year
North America Average Income = 90,693 USD/year
South America Average Income = 88,297 USD/year
Southern Asia Average Income = 72,023 USD/year
The chart below demonstrates overall income based on geographical information.

Figure 1 – Average Income (USD/Yr) Based on Geographical Area as of Q1 2014

Oilfield Salary Trend from 2011 – 2014 Based on Geolographical Area

The following charts demonstrate income trends for all areas and each location.

Figure 2 – World Wide Average Income Trend (USD/Yr)

Figure 3 – Africa Average Income Trend (USD/Yr)


Figure 4 – Australia & Oceania Average Income Trend (USD/Yr)


Figure 5 – Central Asia Average Income Trend (USD/Yr)

Figure 6 – Europe Average Income Trend (USD/Yr)


Figure 7 – Far East Asia Average Income Trend (USD/Yr)

Figure 8 – Middle East Average Income Trend (USD/Yr)

Figure 9 – North America Average Income Trend (USD/Yr)

Figure 10 – South America Average Income Trend (USD/Yr)

Figure 11 – Southern Asia Average Income Trend (USD/Yr)


Oilfield Salary Based On Job Discipline

Average Income of Personnel in Drilling = 121,195 USD/Yr
Average Income of Personnel in Geoscience = 104,724 USD/Yr
Average Income of Personnel in Maritime = 96,714 USD/Yr
Average Income of Personnel in Management / Support = 93,420 USD/Yr
Average Income of Personnel in Production = 93,398 USD/Yr
Average Income of Personnel in Engineering = 88,272 USD/Yr
Average Income of Personnel in Oilfield Service = 85,102 USD/Yr
Average Income of Personnel in Health Safety Environment = 83,060 USD/Yr
Average Income of Personnel in Trades = 77,363 USD/Yr

Figure 12 – Average Income (USD/Yr) Based On Job Discipline

Data source: Rigzone.com

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  1. ross says:

    the surveys refer to Geological areas – surely this is Geographical areas

  2. Carlo says:

    Which position in the drilling industry are these figures based on? Toolpusher, Driller …?


  3. Marji P says:

    Thanks for sharing the salary range…

  4. Lawrence says:

    Nice and thanks for sharing the salary info.

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