Material Balance for Gas Cap Drive Mechanism

This article will demonstrate a material balance equation in gas cap drive mechanism.  First, we start with a full material balance equation.

Figure 1 - Full Material Balance Equation

Figure 1 – Full Material Balance Equation


  • No water production
  • No water injection
  • No gas injection
  • No water influx
  • Neglect formation and connate water compressibility (Cf and Cw have little effect for a gas cap drive mechanism.)

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Solution Gas Drive Mechanism Explained in Material Balance Equation

Material balance equation can be applied for any drive mechanism and this article demonstrates how to apply the material balance equation in a solution drive mechanism. For a solution drive mechanism, there are 2 cases. The first case is when reservoir pressure is above a bubble point and the second case is when reservoir pressure is below a bubble point.

Solution Gas above Bubble Point

Start with a full material balance equation.

Figure 1 - Full Material Balance Equation

Figure 1 – Full Material Balance Equation

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Carefully Think About Oil and Gas Industry Before Boycott Us

We are working in oil and gas industry and many times we see many media, NGO’s, people want to ban oil forever. They make themselves look like heroes when they want to save the earth. However, this is totally impractical as you know. The Oil and Gas Industry is one of the biggest businesses in the world and without oil and gas industry many businesses will not be able to operate. People are a consumer of oil & gas both direct and indirect way, so we are relying on this industry.


 If you meet people who think oil and gas is a bad business for them so you need to tell them to stop using oil and any related products. It is very simple! Following are few easy steps which you can show them in order to stop Oil & Gas industry and make positive impact on the climate change. Continue reading

Upstream Oil & Gas Overview Slides

IOM3 (The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining) share another good presentation about upstream oil and gas overview. This is an excellent document which will help people understand more about oil and gas industry. It may be too basic for someone; however, if you read it, there will be some parts that you may not know before. Furthermore, you can use this slide to educate new people or others from different disciplines.

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Good Document – An Introduction to Oil & Gas Drilling and Well Operations

One of my friends shares this slide, An Introduction to Oil & Gas Drilling and Well Operations. This slide is the educational material from the IOM3 Oil and Gas Division, UK ( This is show all the basic of drilling and well operation in very simple language term. Additionally, there are several images which help explain content in this document clearly. This is a very good document when you try to explain overall drilling and well operation to new team members who don’t have much oilfield experience. The subjects covered in this presentation are as follow;

•Why we drill wells
•The well life cycle
•UK Legislation
•Well construction:-
−Well design and construction
−Rig types
−Pipe handling and the drill string
−Drilling and drill bits
−Drilling fluid
−Cementing (including plugging and abandonment)
−Blowout preventer
−Directional drilling
•Well testing and evaluation
•Well completion
•Xmas tree
•Well intervention
•Well integrity

Some of contents are shown below;

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