Upstream Oil & Gas Overview Slides

IOM3 (The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining) share another good presentation about upstream oil and gas overview. This is an excellent document which will help people understand more about oil and gas industry. It may be too basic for someone; however, if you read it, there will be some parts that you may not know before. Furthermore, you can use this slide to educate new people or others from different disciplines.


These are the topics covered in this presentation.

• What is Needed to Have An Oilfield?
• How Do We Find Oilfields?
• Seismic
• Types of Wells
• Well Drilling
• Types of Rigs
• Casing and Cementing
• Well Control
• Evaluation
• Oil in Place and Reserves
• Oil Field Development
• Economics
• Environment
•Oilfield Employment Impact

These are some captured screen from this slide.


If you are interested in this slide, please download here –


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