Basic Knowledge of Mud Pumps VDO Training

Mud pump is one of the most critical equipment on the rig; therefore personnel on the rig must have good understanding about it. We’ve tried to find the good training about it but it is very difficult to find until we’ve seen this VDO training and it is a fantastic VDO training about the basic of mud pumps used in the oilfield. Total length of this VDO is about thirteen minutes and it is worth to watch it. You will learn about it so quickly. Additionally, we also add the full detailed transcripts which will acceleate the learning curve of learners.

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Transcript for this VDO for learning purposes

Powerful mud pumps pick up mud from the suction tank and circulate the mud down hole, out the bit and back to the surface. Although rigs usually have two mud pumps and sometimes three or four, normally they use only one at a time. The others are mainly used as backup just in case one fails. Sometimes however the rig crew may compound the pumps, that is, they may use three or four pumps at the same time to move large volumes of mud when required.

Basic Knowledge of Mud Pumps VDO Training

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Learn The Basic About Drilling Rig Types from VDO Training Plus Transcript

This is another training VDO that is very good for entry level personnel who are working in the oilfield industry especially drilling part. This VDO will give the over view regarding rig types and their applications.

rig types vdo training

Additionally, we also add the VDO transcript to help people understand about the content clearly. Please feel free to share if you think this is advantageous for anybody.

VDO Transcript

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Drill String Components – VDO Training

This is a great VDO Training about drill  string components. We also added the detailed transcripts so you can learn from the VDO effectively.

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Transcription of Drill String Components 

drillstring component

There are many components that make up the drill string as shown in this graphic. Drill pipe is a strong but relatively lightweight pipe. Crew members attach it to a top drive or Kelly. Drill pipe forms the upper part of the drill string. Usually the drill pipe rotates which also rotates the bit. Each section of pipe is called a joint. Crew members screw together or make up several joints and put them in to the hole as the bit drills.

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