Loss of Concentration While Breaking Out Connection

You need to watch this VDO. In just few seconds, the incident was occurred because the driller did not turn off a mud pump before breaking out the connection.

What Went Wrong?

– The driller did not pay attention to the operation.
– Stored energy of hydraulic pressure

How Can We Prevent This Situation?

– Raise awareness of people working on the rig
– Always check the pump status before starting any operation
– People working on the rig floor are required to check the pipe to see if the flow still continues
– Use a pneumatic mud bucket
– Watch out for each other

What Do You Think on How To Prevent This?



Please feel free to give us any ideas.

Offshore Deepwater Drilling and Completion in 5 Minutes

This is excellent oilfield footage about the overall process of offshore deepwater drilling and completion. It has about 5 minutes with good animation that will give you clearer picture of how the deepwater operation works from the beginning.

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Drill Bits VDO Training

Drilling bits are one of the key tools to achieve good performance drilling and there are several types of bits. Therefore, personnel need to understand in order to use the right bits for the task. Today, we would like to share this excellent VDO teaching you about drilling bits. This VDO is excellent for everybody because it has a lot of illustrations and animations along with full explanations. As usual, we have full VDO transcript for anyone who cannot catch the wording from this footage.

VDO Transcript


As we discussed in the last section, crew members install the bit on the on the bottom drill collar. Two kinds of bits are roller cone bits and fixed cutter bits. Fixed cutter bits are also called fixed head bits. Roller cone bits usually have three cone shaped devices with teeth or cutters. As the bit rotates the cone and cutters rotate to drill a head. Fixed head bits also have cutters but manufacturers embed them in the bit’s head. The bit’s head moves only when the bit rotates. It has no moving parts like the cones on a roller cone bit. Both roller cone bits and fixed head bits come in sizes ranging from 2 or 3 inches or about 50 – 75 millimeters in diameter to more than 36 inches about 1 m in diameter.

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Drill string valves and IBOPs VDO Training

Drillstring valves and IBOPS are one of the most critical well control equipment on the rig. This VDO training will teach you about drillstring valves and iBOPs. After watching this, you will fully understand several of the valves and their applications. Additionally, we also have full VDO transcript to help anyone who are unable to fully understand the English speaking in the VDO. We wish you would enjoy watching it.

Full VDO Transcript


Drill string valves stop fluid from flowing up the drill string often if the drill kicks with the bit off bottom. Formation fluids flow from the annulus and up the drill string. Crewmembers close of the drill string valves. The flow is in the string, If the Kelly is made up the can close the upper or lower Kelly cock. If the Kelly is not made up then they can install the full opening safety valve in the top of the drill string.

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Introduction To Underbalanced Drilling VDO Training

Underbalanced drilling becomes very famous in several places of the world because there are some advantages over normal drilling operations. Today we would like to share the basic underbalanced drilling 101 for everybody who is interested in this topic. It is presented by Shell and we also add full VDO transcript for anybody who cannot catch the information from this presentation.

Underbalanced Drilling 101 Full VDO Transcript

This presentation introduces the concept and equipment used in underbalanced drilling operations. The key differences between underbalanced drilling and conventional overbalanced drilling are at both the conceptual and the technical level. At the conceptual level the subsurface drilling conditions needs to be investigated further, the rotating drill bit cuts away rock to deepen the well. The drill cuttings are lifted to the surface by the circulating drilling fluid.

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