Making Up Drill Pipe Connection by Throwing a Spinning Chain

I have been asked by new personnel on the rig about making a drill pipe connection using a spinning chain. With our technology in the drilling industry, people rarely see how old school drilling hands make up a connection.


I found a good video showing the way that we used to do in the old day (spinning chain).

Update 2016

There are some rigs which are still using this way. Personally, this way is very dangerous and there have been a lot of people getting hurt during this operation. Currently many rigs use mechanical pipe handling equipment as iron roughneck, hawk jaws, etc which integrate spinning and torque making capabilities into a single machine. Finally, I wish you would enjoy learning from this video.

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6 Responses to Making Up Drill Pipe Connection by Throwing a Spinning Chain

  1. Nader muhammad says:

    Yes we used spinning chain in 2007 to 2009

  2. Jim C says:

    Before I was an engineer, I roughnecked, and threw the spinning chain. Wasn’t dangerous at all if you what you were doing.

  3. Jim C says:

    The video of a somewhat inexperienced crew. Really, to do it right, you break out with two sets of tongs. The derrick hand must be down mixing mud. Note the mouse hole should nearly be flat with the rotary table.

  4. M. Ben Braham says:

    In the first years of my drilling school practices sessions I used to make up drill pipes using spinning chain, it is very dangerous for poeple not familiar with,indeed. It is so nice to have a good spinning machine.

  5. The use of Spinning Chain for DP Connection itis out of order due the dangerous and old system to be used,

  6. Mohamed Ali says:

    Yes, CHAIN was the first way to spin tubula,I think there is no danger to use that one but it takes more time and who didn’t use the chain don’t know the advantage of the (air drill pipe spinner,Iron rofneck…)

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