Have You Seen How A Jack Up Rig is Launch into the Sea?

A jack up rig which is one of offshore mobile drilling units is widely used in shelf offshore drilling exploration and production. The unit consist of a buoyant hull fitted with jack up legs which can be raised up or down into the sea bed.

These videos are very fascinating to see because this is how shipyard launch brand new jack up drilling units into the sea. Some major components of a jack up rig such as hull, jack up legs, accommodation are fabricated when the unit is on land. One major component which is derrick will not be installed until a jack up is into the water.

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What is Kelly Rig?

This is the brief explanation of a Kelly rotating system on the rig. Kelly rig is on an old style rigs and  nowadays it is mostly used on land operations. For offshore operation, a top drive system is used instead.

First of all, it is important for new people to look at these images before reading the information below because they show the equipment’s name and where they are on the rig.

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What are differences between Mast and Derrick?

Mast and derrick are used to support load from hoisting system and drilling load. However, they are different.


Referring to the API definition, a mast is a structural tower comprised of one or more sections assembled in a horizontal position near the ground and then raised to the operating position. If the unit contains two or more sections, it may be telescoped or unfolded during the erection procedure. Generally, masts are assembled on the ground in a horizontal position and then are raised using the draw works. Some masts use telescopic sections and are assembled in a vertical (boot strap) fashion. Masts are normally used on land rigs; they are rarely used on offshore rigs.

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Travelling Block Falling Down

Anything can happen in just a second while you working. This 1-minute VDO shows you what a catastrophe occurs in just a second.

From the vdo, it seems like the break did not work properly so everything hanging in the travelling block was falling down and hit the drillstring on the rig floor. It did not take long just about 12 second for this case to happen.

This is another event when the TDS and travelling blow falling down to the rig floor.

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