5 Ways NOT to Get the Attention of Hiring Managers in Oil and Gas Jobs

The increasingly competitive oil and gas career of today has made it quite difficult to stand out among large numbers of applicants all boosting same qualifications and skills. For this reason, the job applicants do everything in their capacity to attract the attention of hiring managers. It might sound great but as too much can be bad for anything.

All oilfield job candidates have same 3 goals: Capture the attention of a hiring manager, go good in interview, and land a job. But, in case you fail in first one, you will fail all of them.


Following are 5 don’ts, why they did not work and lastly what one should do.

Don’t#1: The candidate lit corner of the resume on fire in order to show the “burning desire” for job.

Reason why it did not work: Well, I guess we all know why the trick did not work; it is overly dramatic and dangerous too.

What you should do instead: You do not have to burn the resume in order to showcase the desire. Simply doing one’s homework on company along with applying what one learned to one’s own knowledge, experience and skills is enough to prove that you are interested in joining their company.

Don’t#2: The candidate showed photos of his relatives who have had worked for the company before.

Reason why it did not work: Having personal ties to the company can work to the applicant’s advantage but the eligibility of the applicant is purely dependent on skills, education, experience and personality. Showing the photos of your friends or relatives who have previously worked or are working at company does not highlight your qualifications.

What you should do instead: You can mention the named during the interview, as they can serve you as references. However, it is important that you do not rely on the connections for securing a job. So instead of name dropping, you should use those acquaintances, friends or family members as professional reference at the right time.

 Don’t#3: The candidate found where hiring manager was going for dinner and picked up the tab.

Reason why it did not work: The applicant might have done this with good intentions, nevertheless it’s a bribe and stalking was involved as well. This obviously cannot work in one’s favor. It can hurt the chances of getting job. Suppose you are able to get a job by bribing the hiring manager, would you really like to work in an organization which values status and money over experience and necessary skills? I don’t think so

What you should do instead: You should avoid saying or doing anything which can be considered as bribe. Focus on the intrinsic motivators instead of extrinsic motivators. You should try to persuade the hiring manager with your knowledge and skills related to job, and industry instead of picking up the tabs at five star restaurants.

Don’t#4: The candidate answered a phone call during his interview stating that it was another company wanting to discuss the job offer from other oilfield companies.

Reason why it did not work: It is very important that mobile devices are turned off in job interviews. It is very rude and unprofessional to use your phone during the interview. Moreover, the tactic is quite insulting. It is very unlikely that an interviewee would receive call about some other job offer while giving an interview.

What you should do instead: You Should mention the other companies in which you have applied unless you are asked by the hiring managers. Instead, you should focus to attract the hiring manager with the samples of the previous work which you have done and the evidence of the past successes you’ve had. The evidence of the success and skills will speak much louder than “job offers” from other companies.

Don’t#5: The candidate made his daughter call hiring manager before interview in order to thank the manger “for giving job to her dad.”

Reason why it did not work: Although the candidate’s attempt to land the job is not monetary, but it can be considered as bribe. The candidate strangely used daughter in order to persuade hiring manger even before the interview.

Every candidate who applies for a job has his own reasons for needing or wanting a job, but it should be remembered that personal reasons of candidates are not relevant to the success of the organization and therefore they are irrelevant to the hiring mangers as well.

What you should do instead: The first thing is to never assume that job is yours. The second thing is to save the reasons which you have for wanting a job, until you are asked by the interviewer that why you are interested in that position or/and that company. Always remember that the sole job of hiring manager is to hire on the basis of potential and skills.

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