I Need Your Help

Today, we are discussing about the contents that we will add into drillingformulas.com and there are a lot of topics that we can think of. However, we don’t have enough time to write all topics; therefore I need your help.

Would you mind suggesting us which topics that you would like us to share in drilllingformuals.com?

The topic can be anything that you can think of such as

Well control


• Economics

Drilling operation

Oilfield book review

Drilling engineering calculations

• etc

With your valuable input, we will do the best to share the valuable content regarding drilling knowledge to you for free.

Please feel free to reply us in the blog, facebook, twitter or email (for subscription member).


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13 Responses to I Need Your Help

  1. Pankaj Bhavnani says:

    Additional items include, completions, HPHT drilling, stimulation and Workovers.

  2. Arsalan says:

    so thanks for your activities.
    I’like to discuss about any tools that use in drilling operation or services like as DP,DC,casing,…and introduce functions and esp. methods of manufacture of this tools and their API tests. also you can discuss about some probloms maybe happend like as fall down liner during the set hanger and methods of solve them.

  3. Bakhiet Bakhiet says:

    Thanks for your mail
    We are in Sudan we have problem in the following
    1- (Drilling in Loss circulation Zone (Plind Drilling
    2- Core drilling Technology
    3- How to Check Cassing specifications
    4-Fishing Tools and Jobs
    5-Drilling Strings Inspections

  4. Jeff says:

    Anything to do with air drilling would be appreciated.

  5. Paul Ahner says:

    I’d like to see more information regarding specific problems/precautions drilling along coal seams as in coal bed methane.

  6. Randy Stoker says:

    Well Completions / Completion Fluids

    Static Bottom Hole Temperature Calculation


    Drilling Engineering Calculations

  7. Carl Boehm says:

    I am interested in the changing philosophy of BOP stack testing (due to the Macondo event) as associated with different stages of drilling a subsea well:

    · how often
    · what determines test pressure
    · are testing events also required before and after drilling out a shoe for the next string.

  8. Faisal Anwar Siddique says:

    Dear Sir

    I am sure you have much more to share on Economics, that thing we miss in many drilling books. So, this can be very helpful to us, if you can share knowledge about how economics play its part in casing, tubing selection. What mathematical tools we use, and how procurement is done.


  9. andrew okorocha says:


  10. Richard Cassidy says:

    The one area i would like to see is
    down hole tools.
    Packers, liners, sliding sleeves, Etc.

  11. AMIR HASIMI says:

    thanks for your valuable content.I think the below topics are good:
    1- well control
    2- well and bit hydrulics and Hole cleaning
    3- Case study about problems for example stuck
    best regards

  12. Adnan TAIMEH says:

    Good after noon i prefer to add some thing about tubing move
    calculation due to this days the completion running included with
    drilling program

  13. Bill Arnold says:

    Very interesting site you have here. I work mainly in the hard rock mineral exploration industry, underground drilling, surface core drilling, and mining. Many of your formulas are usefull, but I would like to find someplace that has a comprehensive list of various core drilling sizes along with all the information that goes along with them.. Volumes, annulus info, etc.

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