The Bit – Rotary Drilling Book Review

There are not many books about drilling bits in the market. Today, I would like to share with you about this book, “The Bit” which is a very good book in the rotary drilling series.

 The Bit Rotary Drilling 1


The book is written in a simple language therefore everyone can understand this topic so easy.

 The Bit Rotary Drilling 2

Let’s take a look what you will learn in this book.

Formation and bit design – Learn about rock properties affecting how the bits are designed. Learn the process of how to select the right bit for the job.


Roller cone bits

The Bit Rotary Drilling 3

Basic about the roller cone bits and components. Types of roller cone bits and how to manufacture them. Operational concern when the bits are used. Types and characters of cutters used for the bit.

Types of cutter and bit wears that may happen. You will understand cause of failure and how to prevent it.

 The Bit Rotary Drilling 4

Bit hydraulics – learn about drilling fluids and hydraulic effecting on bits. Different jet nozzles and their applications.


Diamond Bits


This section you will learn about the diamond bits. There are several interesting topics

• Application of the diamond bits and why we need to use this bit

• Type of diamond used

• Shape and profile affecting drilling application

• Diamond bit plots and setting

• Chanel design


Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) Bits

 The Bit Rotary Drilling 6

PDC bits are widely used in drilling industry nowadays and this book will explain you several aspect of the PDC. The following topics are in this book


• PDC applications

• PDC profiles – short parabolic, shallow cone, parabolic

• PDC cutter angle – back rake angle and side rage angle

• Bit wears – delemination, long substrate bond failure, spalling and abrasion

• Whirl affects the bit life


Special-Purpose Bits

The Bit Rotary Drilling 7

This section is about special-purpose bits that are built for special jobs. The following topics in this section are as follows;

• Air bits

• Two-cone bits

• Jet deflection bits

• Anti-whirl bits

• Ecentric bits

• Core bits

• Side track bits


Bit Selection – This section will talk about how to select the proper bits (roller cone and diamond) that are suitable for formations. This is very excellent section that helps people get the right bit without a lot of trial and error.

Bit Performance – This chapter describes about drilling parameters (WOB, rotary speed, etc) affecting on drilling performance.

Dull Bit Grading – The industrial standard for dull bit grading with example.

The Bit Rotary Drilling 8

Conclusion – If you are interested in drilling bits, this book is excellent for you. All about the drilling bits are in this book and the contents are written in simple oilfield language. You don’t need to be an engineer to understand the content. Please check out the link to buy this book from => The-Bit-Rotary-Drilling-1


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    hola camaradas
    hice una revision detallada de los temas tartados en este articulo y es la mejor opcion para la gente involucrada en la industria extractiva. saludos.

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