IWCF Drilling Calculation Part 1 – 3 Review

International Well Control Forum (IWCF) has provided useful learning material, which is IWCF Drilling Calculation Part 1 – 3, to drilling people. We will review all of them and see the content inside. Additionally, these ebooks are available to download from IWCF website. Thanks for their contribution to drilling industry.


IWCF Drilling Calculation Part 1 – Introduction to Calculations

The part 1 consist of basic mathematics that you need to know in order to work out any mathematical questions. This cover from very beginning for people who don not have a strong background in mathematics before. The content is very well written and easy to understand.  There is also the answer section which you need to use to check the anwer. The content of the first part are listed below;

Section 1 Whole Numbers
Section 2 Estimating and Rounding
Section 3 Basic mathematical calculations and the use of the calculator
Section 4 Fractions, decimals, percentages and ratios
Section 5 Units of measurement
Section 6 Mathematical symbols, equations and arithmetical operations
Section 7 Introduction to solving equations and the use of formulae
Section 8 Converting and conversion tables

A Screen Capture of Drilling Calculation Part 1 (Ref:

IWCF Drilling Calculation Part 2 – Areas and Volume

The second part is about areas and volume. For the area calculation, you will learn how to determine area and estimate area with various shapes and there are discussion about units related in areas calculation. For the volume calculation part, you will learn how to define volume and capacity, how to calculate volumes of various shapes and the application on the rig. Moreover, you will learn about pump output, stroke, time which are very important to the well control calculation. The solution of this part is also provided. The details of this section is shown below;

Section 1 Calculating areas
Section 2 Calculating volumes
Section 3 Oilfield volumes
Section 4 Borehole geometry – Surface BOP operations
Section 5 Borehole geometry – Subsea BOP operations
Section 6 Pump output, strokes, time
Section 7 Volume and pump strokes – kill sheet calculations
Section 8 Trip monitoring calculations

A Screen Capture of Drilling Calculation Part 2 (Ref:

IWCF Drilling Calculation Part 3 – Well Control

The third part will cover various concepts of well control so learner must have good basic calculation background. You will learn about hydrostatic pressure and related oilfield terminology in well control. The next part is about the circulating system on the rig. The last two parts are about introduction to well control relating to kick prevention and detection, primary well control and secondary well control. There are many examples which will help you understand the key concepts and you need to practice the calculations as well.

The details of the third part is shown below;

Section 1 Hydrostatic pressure
Section 2 Primary well control
Section 3 The Circulating System
Section 4 Introduction to well control (kick prevention and detection)
Section 5 Secondary well control – An introduction to kill methods

A Screen Capture of Drilling Calculation Part 3 (Ref:

Download The IWCF Distance Learning Materials

IWCF Drilling Calculation Part 1 

IWCF Drilling Calculation Part 1 – Solution

IWCF Drilling Calculation Part 2

IWCF Drilling Calculation Part 2 – Solution

IWCF Drilling Calculation Part 3 

IWCF Drilling Calculation Part 3 – Solution

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