A Dictionary For The Oil And Gas Industry Review

As new personnel in the oil field, you may be struggle of many wordings and terminologies of this industry. The better way to learn meaning of petroleum industry is to use a special dictionary. Today I would like to recommend you the oil filed dictionary named “A Dictionary For The Oil And Gas Industry” which is published by the University of Texas at Austin.


Why is this book good?

• The dictionary of petroleum has e a lot of useful oilfield terms which is over 11,000 words and slangs.

• The terms contained in the book come from wide range of professionals in the industry as reservoir engineering, production engineering, geologist, geophysics, drilling and completion, law, marine engineering, etc.

• It is very good especially new personnel in the petroleum industry. It will make the life a lot easier when taking with people in oil field term.

• There are a lot of neat images which will help people fully understand what they are looking for. I just take a sample photo of this dictionary as you can see at the image below.

• Even though you are experienced hand, you may not know everything like me. This book is good for reference for experienced people as well.

• Not only are there tons of petroleum words, but there are also a lot of oil field abbreviations.

Where to buy it?

Amazon offers good price and delivers it word wide. Please check it out.

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