Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry E-book Free Download – Oil – An Introduction for New Zealanders

Do you ever want to explain to your friends and family members to understand about oil and gas industry?

You know that it is quite difficult to explain someone who never been working and involving in this industry to fully understand the big picture. You need to share this book to them.

Oil: An Introduction for New Zealanders by Ralph D. Samuelson



Published by the New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development

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This book was written by Ralph D. Samuelson to promote the right information to New Zealand people. Not only is this book good for new Zealanders but also it is very useful for anybody. It is an excellent book because it covers a lot of aspects of oil industry with a non-technical language therefore everybody can understand the contents from the book easily.

These are the topics that are presented in this book.


1 The Fundamentals of Oil

1.1 The Chemistry of Oil

1.2 Oil Products

1.3 The Geology of Oil

1.4 Oil Production

1.5 Oil Refineries

2 World Oil Resources

2.1 Reserve Estimates

2.2 Resource Estimates

2.3 Concentration of Oil in a Few Countries

2.4 Unconventional Oil

2.4.1 Tar Sands and Bitumen

2.4.2 Extra-Heavy Crude

2.4.3 Oil Shales

2.5 Alternatives to Oil

2.5.1 Fossil Fuel Alternatives

2.5.2 Biofuels

2.5.3 Electricity and Hydrogen

2.6 Summing Up – The Uncertain Future of Oil

3 Exhaustible Resource Economics

3.1 Decision Making for a Renewable Commodity

3.2 Decision-Making for an Exhaustible Resource

3.3 The Impact of Extraction Costs

3.4 The Impact of Higher Extraction Costs

3.5 The Impact of Rising Oil Prices

3.6 The Impact of Lower Interest Rates

3.7 The Impact of Technological Improvement

3.8 The Real World

4 Oil and Financial Markets

4.1 Oil Trading

4.2 Market Efficiency and Financial Markets

4.3 Oil Futures Markets as Predictors of Spot Oil Prices

4.4 Oil Futures Markets and “Normal Backwardation”

5 New Zealand’s Oil Industry

5.1 New Zealand’s Crown Estate

5.2 New Zealand’s Undersea Jurisdictions

5.3 New Zealand’s Oil Resources

5.4 The New Zealand Oil Product Market

5.5 Investigations of Market Competitiveness

6 Oil: The Consumer Side

6.1 Elasticity of Demand

6.2 Fuel Taxation

6.3 Price Monitoring and Reporting

6.4 Product Quality Regulation

7 Oil Security and the International Energy Agency

7.1 The International Energy Agency

7.2 The IEA and Oil Security

7.3 New Zealand’s Oil Security

Appendix A – Example Tables Illustrating Exhaustible Resource

Decision Making

A.1 Impact of Extraction Costs

A.2 Impact of Higher Extraction Costs

A.3 Impact of Increasing Oil Price

A.4 Impact of Interest Rates

Appendix B – Glossary

 Additionally, the illustrations in this book are well presented so they are very helpful for learners to get the content correctly and easily.



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