You Need To Watch This – Dropped Casing Incident

Dropped object is one of the most dangerous accidents on the rig therefore we would like to share this footage so you need to watch this. This short VDO can change your life.

You really need to watch this.

What Would We Learn from This Situation?


  • Always watch out for escape route.
  • Drop object can be happened anytime.
  • Always ensure the surrounding around you.
  • Do not trust the equipment all the time even though it has been tested before using.
  • Always ensure good communication.
  • Always check safety devices.
  • Always perform the inspection.
  • Etc

What have you learn from this VDO?

  • Please feel free to share with us.
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13 Responses to You Need To Watch This – Dropped Casing Incident

  1. John Ritchie says:

    There should always be 2 points holding the casing so if one fails the other should hold it.could believe this could happen offshore.

  2. Hi; we learn , from watching this short video,
    *Do not trust the equipement all the time even though it has been tested before using.
    *Always perform the inspection.
    *Always check safety devices.
    *Always ensure the surrounding around you.
    *Always ensure good communication

  3. Brian Batten says:

    The Driller or Derrick man latched the YZs on the collar and when driller picked up it was enough for the slips to pop open on auto and the rest you can see.

  4. Renato says:

    It would be great to know what really happened, what was the failure?, at least the inmediate cause.

  5. anthony ati okpo says:

    Please I need a job in offshore.I am a graduate of Banking and Finance from University of UYO,AKWA Ibom State, National Diploma in Accounting from Lagos State Polytechnic and all the Basic safety Certificates from Maritime Academic of Nigeria Or on.l have worked with EVOMEC Global Services as a timekeeper on the ongoing EKET to Oron Gas pipeline project last year and Oilserv ltd as CLO of UDUNG UKO L.G.A on the same project and currently with EVOMEC Global Services again for the third face of the same project. I have vast experienced in community handling. I hope this draft will get to you. Thanks.

  6. Enyindah Joseph says:

    Always think about what if something go wrong and maintain good escape route all time

  7. Kayode Aiyemomi says:

    The casing slips should be confirmed holding the casing in place at all times and casing should be secured. There is need for vigilance. The slightest deviation from norm should be alerted.

  8. Hello, thanks for a very good site. I`m a teacher i Norway wich educates well apprentices for the oil industry and are sharing most of your info in facebook with my class. Very importent stuff you present. Keep up the good work and help me doing my jobb with safety. 🙂

  9. islam elashmawy says:

    always find a path to run with your life

  10. Nsor Charles says:

    Poor task review,no plan ToFS,

  11. Dennis says:

    Did the stabber cross the joint and the driller clutched it to pick it up out of the collar to try to start it again that spider didn’t open with the casing slips set. DID IT ? And I thought I had f – – – ed every way known to mankind when I was drilling. GIT THE POLES ,WE GOIN FISHIN

  12. Ali shahİn HAMAD says:

    They always should use safety clamp for any OD runs in hole

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