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Perro Negro 6 Incident – Jack up rig capsized and sank was happen few year ago but we would like to share this case as a case study. You can watch what happen in the video below.

It is clearly seen that the rig capsized and sank in just few minutes. Jack up rig move is one of the most hazardous operation. Before a rig is moved, total number of people on board will be kept at minimum for operating the operation and non essential personnel will not be allowed on the rig.   There are several considerations that rig contractors and operators must be agreed before commencing any rig move operation. For this case, we would like to emphasize that even though all safety is in place, the bad thing can be happened.

Story from News

Saipem S.p.A. reported Tuesday that its jack-up drilling rig, the Perro Negro 6, capsized and sank offshore Angola after the seabed beneath one of its three legs collapsed.

The incident occurred Monday night during rig positioning on location near the mouth of the Congo River, between the coasts of Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Saipem said in a statement. The rig had not yet commenced drilling when it collapsed, the statement added.

Saipem says that the Perro Negro 6 tilted suddenly Monday night after the seabed collapsed beneath it, causing hull damage and the rig to take on water. It later capsized and sank in approximately 40 meters of water at 10.30 AM CEST Tuesday after all personnel had been evacuated, Saipem said.

Of the 103 crew members on board at the time of the collapse, 6 incurred minor injuries and one is reported missing.

So far no environmental impacts have been reported.

Saipem emergency response team is mobilised and is working closely with the Angolan Authorities and the Client’s operational team.

The Perro Negro is under contract with Chevron Corporation through early 2015.

The rig was built by Labroy Shipyard in Batam, Indonesia in 2009 and can drill to a depth of 30,000 feet in 350 feet of water.

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  1. FredG says:

    Not enough details to make a comment. Where is the case study so we really know what happened and will be able to learn from it. For me as a barge engineer who is responsible for preloading operations it is of most importance to know the facts as to how this happened to prevent it from happening in the future.

  2. elsayed hassan says:

    im working as barge engineer in npcc uae
    i woluld like to know some information about it for lesseon learn

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